That is why Bappi Lahiri used to wear gold

 who is bappi lahiri

Bappi Lahiri is a popular musician and composer of two Bengalis. As she has experimented with music, her costumes have always been the center of attraction. Various jokes have been heard about her wearing jewelery. However, he also explained why he wore jewelery. According to a report in the Indian media ABP, he could never be seen without a gold necklace, bracelet and ring. In an interview, he said, the reason for his love for jewelry. She was inspired by Hollywood musician Elvis Presley. “Hollywood singer Elvis Presley wore a gold necklace,” she said. I was a big fan of Presley. I thought, if I succeed one day, then I will build a different image of myself. With God’s blessing I was able to do that through gold. People used to think, I wear gold jewelry to show everyone. But that’s not right. Gold is the courage to move forward with me, ”the report said. Whenever anyone asked a question, he would smile and say that he liked gold very much. And this is true, he often bought gold by chance and time.


That is why Bappi Lahiri used to wear gold

why Bappi Lahiri used to wear gold

 In a word, the so-called golden man. According to the report, Bappi Lahiri is one of the most beloved composers and lyricists, whose fans are always fascinated by the rhythm, rhythm and rhythm of the favorite Bappida to see this look. Sometimes a necklace, sometimes a bracelet, sometimes a ring were all glittering, and so he never missed an opportunity to buy gold. Bappi Lahiri bought gold even after she fell ill. She had been suffering from fractures since her coronation in September. Dhanteras himself bought a gift for himself, also that gold. On this auspicious day, as much as possible, everyone brings gold to the family, dressed up in gold ornaments, Bappi Lahiri is not a gold ornament, but he fulfilled any of his hobbies in the last Dhanteras! That is the cup-plate. The story of eating in a golden bowl may have been heard by everyone in the middle class family, but in reality, drinking tea in a golden cup is exactly the fate of many, Bappi Lahiri fulfilled his own wish. When Bappi asked Lahiri, he said that he had wanted to have tea in a gold cup-plate for a long time. That hobby was fulfilled

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